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ArtistFilmDocs are short profiles about artists and their work. The artists themselves discuss their background, inspiration, and philosophy in their own words over a visual backdrop of carefully-selected images of the artist's work and footage of their creative process. Each film is a result of close consultation with the artist, resulting in a unique film that fits their personality and individual needs.

With an art background himself, filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss knows how to create intimate, engaging films that capture the passion and style of each artist in a concise five-minute segment. Many of these have appeared regularly on a weekly TV show about the national arts scene, AHA! A House of Arts, on PBS station WMHT in Albany. We also produced over 60 of these short films for ArtScene, a monthly Chronogram column and video web series. The artist film profiles are also screened at galleries, posted on the artist and gallery websites, and shared widely on social media.

Your films are truly wonderful. I really enjoyed your work and will watch the pieces again and again when I have time to really look closely.
Shirley Botsford

The video is great...really, Stephen. You made a very cohesive story out of all you taped and the close up is a knock-out plus the images that you picked are perfect for the story. Bravo!!!!
Elisa Pritzker

Wow Stephen, you did an amazing job! You were able to get so much in, and I love how the words sink up with the images. I feel it is a VERY accurate representation of me and my work. Thrilled. Thanks!
Joel Griffith

Terrific! It's me. It was delightful working with you on the video Stephen. All I have heard from regarding the video have loved it. What a pro! Thank you so much.
Rebecca Todd

Wow Stephen! You did an excellent job of distilling everything I said into a short period of time. Very impressive! I think it's great. I really like it.
Mary Anne Erickson

This looks fabulous! Thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you.
Terri Moore

Hey Stephen, thanks very much for this well put together piece. I really like how you wove together the paintings and drawings with what I was saying. Thank you very much. I feel honored. Well done Stephen. Thanks
Michael Patterson

I just wanted to thank you for the on point job you did of portraying my text for the Chronogram January 2012 cover film. Again, thank you.
Jane Pertrick

Love it! Great video. The finish where I say I'm having fun and I smile at the camera is great. Many thanks.
Peter C. Brandt

Looks amazing! Thanks so much. you made me look good!
Jac Lahav

Terrific! You spliced a beginning as an end, if memory serves, but it sounds seamless :-) you ARE good. I thank you.
Lawrence Webster

Again, it was such a pleasure working with you — you made it so fun and easy, and I look forward to seeing you again.
Allison Leach

Grey Ivor Morris
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